About Knock Out Noise

Knock Out Noise is a music production, creation, and consultation company whose work directly supports the advocacy, research, and fundraising efforts of the Sensation and Emotion Network.

The Sensation and Emotion Network (SENetwork) facilitates interdisciplinary research into sensory processing and emotion regulation.  SENetwork is particularly active in supporting research and creating awareness of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) a brain based problem that affects approximately five percent of school age children in the U.S.  One subtype of SPD is Sensory Over Responsivity (SOR).  SOR kids respond to sensory information (i.e. sound and touch) as though it were extremely aversive. They feel continually bombarded by stimuli. The resulting physiologic over-arousal and emotional dysregulation negatively impact the child’s daily functioning, and . SOR children find even pleasurable activities difficult or unbearable. Awareness of SPD is very low, and children are frequently misdiagnosed and prescribed inappropriate treatment plans. The results can be devastating.

One of Knock Out Noise’s projects nearing completion is an album conceptualized by one of KON’s founders, Tim Sommer, and realized by Sommer and musician/engineer Stuart Chatwood.  This project features traditional American folk and protest songs interpreted in a unique way which assimilates American and European avant garde, pop, and minimalist influences in order to create a remarkable landscape that is both familiar and entirely startling, electric and eternal.  This work references Sommer’s prior background as a musician working on the cutting edge of user-friendly avant pop, while respecting the timeless qualities of some of the best loved and most meaningful songs of the 19th and 20th Century, including Stephen Foster, Pete Seeger, Phil Ochs, and Tom Paxton.